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Flag Display Program

May 21, 2022 "Armed Forces Day"

Sunrise: 5:21am Sunset: 8:19pm

May 30, 2022 "Memorial Day"

Sunrise: 5:14am Sunset: 8:28pm

June 7, 2022 "SD Election Day"

Sunrise: 5:10am Sunset: 8:33pm

The American Flag.... No symbol better epitomizes our greatness or inspires respect, admiration, and love of country than the Stars and Stripes. That is why The Exchange Club of Rapid City encourages all Americans to properly fly the flag as an expression of that respect and as a reminder to others that pride of country is essential to our national survival.

To accomplish this simple but eloquent goal, The Exchange Club has a simple but effective plan called the “Flag Display Program.” It is a project worthy of the attention of all our citizens. The “Flag Display Program” encourages display of the national flag by individuals, commercial establishments, and industries; in fact, anyone who wants to be involved in the presentation of the Stars and Stripes. In an ongoing partnership with you, The Exchange Club of the Black Hills leases a flag, flag pole, and installs a heavy duty flag pole bracket at your location. On major holidays we deliver and respectfully unfurl the flag at dawn then furl it at dusk. We store, maintain, and replace worn flags flown through the program. Because we are responsible for the display, you don’t have to have someone at your place of business or home remember to put up and bring in the flag at the end of the day. On holidays when most businesses are closed and people are out of town, we still fly the flag for you.

With your generous contribution to The Flag Program we have an impressive patriotic display in our city on the holidays. We also use your payment to help fund the many service projects that we as The Exchange Club sponsor. See "Service" page for more information on how we serve our community.

Contact Information

If you are a business or individual interested in participating in the flag program within the limits of the Black Hills please contact us with this form. A member of The Exchange Club will contact you within 3 days. Thank you.

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